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Are You Fantasising About
Your Dream Home?

Every person has dreamed of a home at least once in their lifetime. But have you ever thought of fulfilling the dream with joy and grace? We are aware that everyone is scared of making the incorrect choice, confused by the proper realtors group, and unclear of where to begin these days.

A lot of Complications

In a competitive realtor market, choosing the ideal house is a difficult struggle that faces everyone. You may feel disoriented in the sea of choices, unclear of what you want, and terrified of making an expensive error.

Kannanthanam Group

Kannanthanam Realtors Group assists you in navigating the complications of house buying. We have a group of well learned teams and advisors over 5 years in builders who can help with all your worries over setting up your dream home. We offer confidence and direction at every stage thanks to our experience and knowledge.

A Proper Plan and Design

Our Realtors Group can create a strategy that is specific to your requirements and suggestions. We’ll listen to your needs, evaluate your financial situation, and choose the best plans/villas/house that fit your requirements. We ensure that you feel confident throughout the process by providing you with a clear road map for the purchase of a property or villas in future.

How Do We Make It Happen?

Kannamthanath Realtors is one of the leading realtors headquartered at Pallipad, Near Market Road Junction, Haripad in Alappuzha. We offer villas and villa plots in gated communities with excellent facilities at attractive rates. We have received an overwhelmingly positive response to our first project Manthakathil Mansion. If You are looking for reasonably priced villas, plots and homes at Haripad, you are at the right place.

Success of Joy

With Our Kannamthanath Realtors Group's assistance, you will be able to locate your ideal house. We’ll manage all the paperwork, arrange on your behalf, and make sure the closing process goes well. After that, you can move into your new house with a sense of excitement, assurance, and gratitude.

Are You Still Confused?

You might find it difficult to handle the complexity of the real estate market on your own without the assistance of Our Realtors Group. You grow overburdened, make poor choices, and eventually find yourself in a house that isn't suitable for your requirements. You may feel down, and you wish you had asked for professional advice earlier.


Luxury Homes

We build your luxurious homes at reasonable rates. Whether big or small, Our goal is to fulfil your dream.


If You are looking for affordable villas at Haripad, Alappuzha, we are here to guide you on buying your dream villas.

Villa Plots

We are now the leading realtors for premium villa plots in Alappuzha. We have established a title for ourselves in the Construction Sector.

Manthakathil Mansions

Manthakathil Mansions, a grand project designed to fulfil all of your desires for the perfect Haripad neighbourhood. Manthakathil Mansions, one of the largest villa complexes in pallipad, Near market road junction.

The villas are constructed with a combination of heritage and contemporary, and they provide all the modern amenities you need to fit your lifestyle choices. They are situated in a beautiful area that is near to the city yet protected from its noise and bustle.

Manthakathil’s Gallery

Make Your Dream Home to the Happiest Safe Place



We have a very collaborative design approach because we understand that understanding our customers' objectives and goals in-depth leads to the most successful solutions. We find out your objectives at the first, go over our services, and offer advice on how to get your project started. We take care of every detail, including budget and aesthetics.



We”ll create plans as per your ideas and suggestions. When the design is complete, we provide the design plans; at this stage, your input is crucial. Your designer will start creating a detailed project budget based on this. Appliances and materials will be chosen in their final forms. Your design fee will be deducted from the total cost of your project if you decide to collaborate with us throughout the building phase.


Organising and Pricing

Your designer will deliver a formal design plan and drawings once all design criteria have been met and decisions have been made.
We ensure you the best design plan as per the suggestions you have and pricing may vary according to the customization and plots.


Building and Installation

We give an approximate timeframe and organise the building and installation timetable. We will talk to you in advance about the logistics and provide you with frequent updates.


Your Happiness

Our happy and joyful customers are our heroes throughout the journey. We have successfully completed 5 years of joyful experience among builders today, which will make us a trusted brand for providing affordable housing across Kerala in future. We offer you a safe and secure living in a serene atmosphere.

Our Clients Saying

We are located in Manthakathil Mansion from the year 2022. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Mr. Rajanikanth, the founder of Kannamthanath Realtors, for providing us with all the support we needed both before and after our dream villa was delivered. My own observation about him is that, in my opinion, he is a valuable asset in many future projects. His hardwork and dedication results in this too as Manthakathil Mansion, the grand villa project in Haripad. I hope you have excellent health and a prosperous life, and I wish you and the team best of luck with all of your future endeavours. Thank you once more, Sir.

James Joseph


Dear Kannamthanath Realtors Group, We are extremely joyful to have moved into Manthakathil Mansion and are living our dream home. We appreciate your prompt delivery of our villa on time. I am also appreciative of all the assistance provided to us; they were always willing to answer our calls and to clear our fears and doubts. I want to thank Mr. Rajanikanth in particular for all of his assistance. We want to thank you all again for exceeding our expectations with the home you provided. Thank You So Much, Team Kannamthanth.

Dr. Manoj Chandran K.P


As an NRI living along with my parents for the past 14 years, 2023 was the year to do my graduation in Kerala. My family was searching for a proper place to stay for the rest of the year peacefully. We came to know about Kannamthanth Group recently and my father contacted the team. It was a pleasure for us to have a good relationship with Mr Rajanikanth, the founder of Kannamthanath Group. Now we delivered our beautiful villa, Manthakathil Mansion which is safe, comfortable and a happy place for us. We can access Haripad town, my college and nearby places easily. Thank you so much to the entire team for helping us make this happen beyond our expectation.

Riya Philip



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